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August 20

7 Signs the Stock Market is Ready to Run Smack Into a Wall

Gold has traded above both its short-term and long-term moving averages.

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August 16

Warren Buffett Indicator Predicts Stock Market Crash in 2017

In fact, according to Buffett’s favorite valuation metric, stocks are significantly overvalued.

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January 19

Physical Will Trump Paper Gold

Fundamentals of physical supply and demand remain positive, and are reinforced by the current extended regime of precious metals prices too low to justify expanded mine supply.

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January 18

Why 2017 Is Set to Be Gold’s Best Year in a Generation

The risks facing the world economy are significant and inflation looks set to rise, both of which create the conditions for gold to have its best year in a generation.

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January 12

U.S. Mint: 15% Increase In First-Day 2017 Gold Bullion Coin Sales

The coin sales come as gold and silver has seen a strong start to the year.

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November 2

US Elections Will Push Gold to Hit $1,500: Technical Analyst

Gold is on course to head as high as $1,500 per ounce, according to a technical analyst,

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October 13

Here’s Why Gold is Now Poised to Run to $1,550 and Beyond

The metals just needed a profit taking event to cleanse the sentiment after the baby bull rally.

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June 24

Gold Races to 2-year High as Investors Seek Refuge From Brexit

Gold priced in sterling was last at 965.80 pounds an ounce, up 14.5 percent, having peaked at 1,019.03 pounds overnight.

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June 9

Silver Outlook: Here’s Why Silver Prices Have 110% Upside in 2016

So to understand where silver prices are going next, let’s go back to where silver has been and why it was there.

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March 10

Gold’s Best Start Since 1974 Shows Not Just Inflation Hedge

“Gold is a great inflation hedge when you need it to be, particularly when interest rates won’t protect you,”

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