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December 3

Here’s Why It’s Essential To Own Gold

History has shown us that every single fiat currency has eventually collapsed

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May 15

Peter Schiff, More Bullish Than Ever, Sees Gold Headed to $5,000 an oz

Trying to offset damage from QE is ‘like trying to put out a fire with gasoline.’

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March 18

Why Gold Will See $2,000

ANZ’s Warren Hogan and Victor Thianpiriya say central bank demand may drive the metal to new highs as China emerges as a gold trading hub.

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February 28

Gold May Take a Shine to $1,700 an oz. By 2016

Prices may reach $1,700 or higher between June 2016 and November 2016,

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January 15

The Great Paper Ponzi: Global Mutual Fund Inflows vs Physical Gold Investment

North Americans and Europeans continue to overwhelmingly favor PAPER IOU’s compared to their Asian and Indian counterparts who enjoy buying and holding physical assets such as GOLD.

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December 3

New Signs Gold and Silver Are Returning as Monetary Assets

In October, the Russian Central Bank bought nearly 20 tons of gold, or around 8% of total world monthly gold mining production

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November 29

Fight For Physical Gold Has Started (just like 1968)

Russia and China are openly accumulating gold in an aggressive way, while India has been confronted with huge gold demand

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July 12

Toxic Geopolitical Cocktail Could Rekindle Gold Rally

Gold appears to have bottomed out and could be the in the process of making a comeback

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January 13

Here’s the Long-Term Case for Precious Metals

Long-term precious metals stand to gain significantly from balance sheet expansion at central banks and currency debasement despite criticisms that this will not happen.

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January 8

23 Reasons to Be Bullish on Gold

So I think that prices are probably in the process of bottoming out here, and that we will see again higher prices in the future.”

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