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June 14

Chaotic economic climate sends gold rising

European sovereign-debt markets in chaos threatening the viability of the euro — budget deadlock in Congress — Ben Bernanke implying yet more monetary ease — and this evening Moody’s threatening a downgrade on U.S. debt … and gold goes to new highs

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June 8

Strong Summer Ahead For Gold Prices

Gold price could surpass $1650 and may even head to $1800 over the next three months. The gold market has changed fairly significantly during the last 2 years from traditional sources of demand into investment demand as an alternative to currency.

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May 14

The Second Debt Storm

The debt mountain that brought down some of the world’s biggest banks and dragged the international financial system to the brink of disaster has simply shifted to governments. Now it’s threatening countries around the globe

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January 15

Could We See $5000 Gold by 2013?

Doug Casey thinks we’re just getting started, estimating gold could touch $5,000 before this is all over. A titillating thought, to be sure, but… how likely is that? Gold’s latest rise stems from mounting fear that the Greek bailout will be followed by other euro-area countries queued for a me-too handout. In other words..

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