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June 7

China To Buy $344 Billion Worth of Gold?

Add strong demand from countries like India to the fact that China needs to increase its gold reserves, and the fundamental demand behind gold bullion is clear.

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May 28

Is Gold’s Fall Fed’s Doing?

By openly manipulating the bond markets, creating negative real interest rates and covertly casting doubt on the “safe haven” reputation of gold, the Fed appears to be encouraging —

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May 24

Rick Rule – 10 Questions For Precious Metals Investors

The set of circumstances that drove gold to $1900 and silver to $49 have not changed; only the perception of the facts has changed.

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May 5

Gold Coins a Safer, More Valuable Investment: CME Group

We saw all the gold products trade down significantly, but one thing that did not trade down was gold coins, tangible, real gold,” he said.

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May 2

Silver Prices in 2013: The Reasons for a Bold Forecast

The silver market looks poised to repeat the 170% gain logged over the seven-month period between April-November 2011.

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April 29

China Goes Gold Crazy. Why Now?

Spurred by a sudden drop in prices, Asians in the last two weeks have gone on a gold-buying binge

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April 25

10 Signs the Paper Gold Crash Has Unleashed a Global Run on Physical Gold and Silver

Those that wish that they had gotten into gold when it was less than $1400 an ounce are able to do so now, and it is absolutely insane that silver is sitting at about $23 an ounce.

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April 21

Gold Fell to $1,400? Welcome to the New Gold Rush!

With every drop in the price of gold (and silver, too), individuals are buying as much of the precious metal as they can.

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April 17

“People Running Through the Gate” to Buy Gold Bullion

There are reports of very strong demand for coins and bars from buyers internationally who believe that the sell off that saw gold fall to a two-year low is overdone.

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April 15

Here’s Why Gold Is Getting Crushed

“I think there is a big shift and central banks will continue to increase their exposure to gold. They love it when you get these corrections,” he said.

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