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April 15

Gold Set For Worst Two-Day Loss Since 1983

In gold, “what we now see is panic selling, perhaps triggered by the Fed’s stimulus view.

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April 12

Has Gold Lost its Mojo on Falling Risk Perception?

However, the potential catalysts for a return to a full blown financial crisis are far from passed and gold may yet shine again.

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April 8

63% of Dubai Precious Metals Conference Delegates Think Gold is Heading Towards $3,000 by 2014

In a final poll at the Second edition of the Dubai Precious Metals Conference 63 per cent of delegates thought gold was heading towards $3,000 by 2014 and 37 per cent voted for a tumble towards $1,000.

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April 4

Dow Never To See 2009 Lows Again But Gold Bull Has Miles To Go

Will your dollars have less or more purchasing power in the future? Fact is, you can use a simple yardstick, make one simple investing decision, and be right either way.

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March 28

Marc Faber Fears Systemic Crisis, Stock Collapse

I do not think the U.S. market will go up a lot from here. I rather think there is now considerable downside risk.”

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March 24

Confiscation, Market Manipulation and the Wars Against Everyman

Instead of being suckered into holding intrinsically worthless paper assets, a more intelligent and well-informed response favors increasing one’s personal stockpile of physical precious metals.

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March 16

Gold’s Role in Global Monetary System on Cusp of ‘Renaissance’

Turkey’s move one and a half years ago to allow commercial banks to count gold deposits toward their reserve requirements potentially could be emulated by other central banks,

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March 8

Dow Jones High Should Not Be Mistaken For Growth in the US Economy

The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a new high today, but don’t trust the Dow – it doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

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March 6

Eric Sprott: Central Bankers Are Gaming Gold

Precious metals investors are not going to win the game in the paper market. We have to win it in the physical market. More and more people are taking delivery of their physical gold.

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February 26

The Truth About the COMEX

What would happen if all open contracts on the COMEX would not be offset and physical delivery would be demanded?

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